The Dark Side of the Rainbow

"The Price of Inequality"

Directed By: C.D. Kirven
Produced By: A Black Voice Production
Produced In: USA, 2008
Running Time: 14:02 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Themes: Domestic Violence, Gender
Distributor: N/A


This is the first GLBT film captured by cell phone. Most Americans have heard about the impacts of domestic violence, but few know about the impacts of same-sex domestic violence. The Dark Side of Rainbow is a striking alternative look into the world of same-sex domestic violence with a focus on the importance of dialogue and communication. The documentary explores how the denial of equal rights of those within the GLBT community contributes to the silencing of same-sex violence victims. This video is a tribute to the honesty and courage of an inspiring group of victims and their advocates.

The filmmakers' website: http:/ or


For more information about GLBT same-sex
violence please click on link below:

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